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The Saydel Community School District has an excellent tradition of fostering positive relationships with students, parents and staff. Our daily focus is to meet the unique learning needs of each and every student. We are a district of approximately 1,300 students and provide a small school learning environment for our students. We keep our focus on four non-negotiable goals:

  1. Student Achievement
  2. Enhancing Culture, Image and Relationships
  3. Maximizing the Use of Resources
  4. Demonstrate Innovation

We are a TAP best practices school and believe improving instruction and providing a viable and rigorous education for all students is paramount. TAP, The System for Teacher and Student Advancement is a rigorous professional development model that is implemented daily and weekly through class instruction and teacher leadership meetings. Our instructional model allows us to have two Master Teachers and five Mentor Teachers per building to support our career teachers. Saydel Community School District is an excellent 3A school district conveniently located in the north Des Moines Metro area. We are also 1:1 Chromebooks grades 2-12.

NIET TAP program video

District News

Walk In Registration

Walk in registration for new students is available at the District Office on August 1st from 12:30pm to 6:30pm and on August 2nd from 6:30am to 1:30pm.


Online Registration Begins

Online Registration opens on July 20th.

Click the PowerSchool link on the Saydel website to access online registration. 


Meningitis vaccination requirements

No Shot, No School

The meningitis vaccination is now required for all incoming 7th and 12th grade students before classes begin in the fall.

Schedule an appointment with your health care provider today.

See this video for more information.


upcoming events

July 23 - Monday
2:00 PM - Music
6:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting & Work Session
July 24 - Tuesday
Baseball: Varsity State
2:00 PM - Music
July 25 - Wednesday
2:00 PM - Music
July 26 - Thursday
2:00 PM - Music
July 27 - Friday
2:00 PM - Music
July 30 - Monday
2:00 PM - Music
July 31 - Tuesday
2:00 PM - Music
August 1 - Wednesday
12:30 PM - Registration
1:30 PM - Walk-in Registration at Saydel District Office
2:00 PM - Music
August 2 - Thursday
6:30 AM - Registration
7:00 AM - Walk-in Registration at Saydel District Office
2:00 PM - Music
5:45 PM - Girl Scouts
August 3 - Friday
2:00 PM - Music
7:00 PM - Music

Saydel Community School District