Saydel Community School District - Policies Saydel Community School District - Policies en-us 100 Series Table of Contents Series 100 100 Legal Status of the School District 101 Educational Philosophy of the School District 102 Equal Educational Opportunity 102.E1 Annual Notice of Non-Discrimination 102.E2 Notice of Section 504 Student And Parental Rights 102.1 Grievance Procedure 102.1.E1 Grievance Documentation 102.1.E2 Grievance Form For Complaints of Discrimination or Non-Compliance 103 Educational and Operational Planning 104 Mission Statement of the District 105 Anti-Bullying/Harassment 105.E1 Anti-Bullying/Harassment Complaint Form 105.E2 Anti-Harassment/Bullying Interview Notes Form 105.E3 Disposition of Anti-Bullying/Harassment Complaint Form 105.R1 Anti-Bullying/Harassment District Procedures 105.R2 Anti-Bullying/Harassment Investigation Procedures 106 Acceptable Use of Technology 106.E1 Staff Acceptable Use Statement 106.E2 Student Acceptable Use Statement 106.R1 Staff Acceptable Use of Technology 106.R2 Student Acceptable Use of Technology